Weekend Recap – Summer Carnival Fun at One Loudoun

Weekend Recap - Summer Carnival Fun at One LoudounWeekend Recap - Summer Carnival Fun at One Loudoun
Weekend Recap - Summer Carnival Fun at One Loudoun
Weekend Recap - Summer Carnival Fun at One Loudoun
Weekend Recap - Summer Carnival Fun at One Loudoun
Weekend Recap - Summer Carnival Fun at One Loudoun
Weekend Recap - Summer Carnival Fun at One Loudoun
Weekend Recap - Summer Carnival Fun at One Loudoun
Weekend Recap - Summer Carnival Fun at One Loudoun
Last Monday I was sitting in a meeting and received a call from Little A’s school saying she had an accident. The Assistant Director was trying to hide the panic in her voice, but I could tell immediately that something was wrong and I thought the worst had happened. 2.5 hours later, I made it to her and saw what was the BIGGEST, bloodiest cut I’ve seen on her to date. Apparently, she had slipped on the slide on the playground during water play and bit her tongue. After hours at Kaiser urgent care, we were sent home with Tylenol. For two days, she could not eat or talk. By Thursday, she could eat and talk a little bit. Thank God!

Saturday we participated in a fun summer block party. Our neighbors on both sides organized a small get together for everyone on our street to come hang out and get a chance to meet each other. Little A had tons of fun playing with the other kids and I had the pleasure of meeting our neighbors some who have lived on our street for years, and others like us, who just moved to the lane. Building a community is so important and I am glad that we had a chance to hang out with others, and especially that Little A got to play with the other kids, made new friends, shared her toys.
Sunday we went to the Carnival at One Loudoun. I could literally write a few chapters on how we spent 5.5 hours at the Carnival, but I will spare you all the boring rides on repeat details. All I can tell you is that she had a BLAST! Literally, all I heard from Little A the entire time was, “Mommy, come here”, “Mom, I wanna go on this ride”, “Mom”… it was amazing and I will always remember her sweet little voice filled with excitement asking me to come along on the different rides (some multiple times!). Half way through, we stopped for pizza and some soft serve frozen custard then we were right back to more fun! The best part was that it was all a surprise to her that I was taking her. It was so worth it! I decided to take her on a whim! I was too much of a wimp and didn’t want to go on some of the rides, but she was brave all the way! LOVE her fearlessness!!! As we were walking out, she saw two police officers and asked to give them a hug. I meaaan, I could not have asked for a better child!

{Her favorite rides: Dancing Bears, Jungle Mania (4x), Hip Hop (3x), Surf n Shack (5x), Tilt A Twirl (4x), Wiggle Wurm, Rock n Cars (2x), Merry Go Round, and Wheel Wagon (2x).} 

Overall, it was such a great way to end what started out as a very manic Monday/week. And even greater way to end the summer (school officially started for us yesterday). The weekends are treasured in our home—for two whole days we get to just be with each other enjoying each other’s company, which often involves cuddles on our chaise sofa watching a movie. These are my favorite kind of weekends, you know the ones where you basically “Netflix & Chill! Every once in a while though there are those weekends where we have absolutely no plans and instead go with the flow and let spontaneity take control and in the end, we end up going on a new + unplanned adventure and it makes it all the more sweeter. This is the weekend we had these past few days.
I will always cherish my mommy and me time with my Little A. She’s such a resilient + fearless little soul; I absolutely love her fearless spirit. She’s such a wonderful person inside and out and I cannot wait to share more amazing experiences with her. #soulmate
We hope you had a great weekend! How did you spend your weekend? What is your favorite activity to do with your little ones? Share in the comment below.

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