Weekend Recap & My Creative Process

My creative process is inspired by my daily life and how I feel at that particular moment. I honestly don’t wake up thinking about what to post and why in hopes of getting likes or comments on Instagram or here on my blog.
Since the very beginning, I have always wanted to share curated content that is inspired and intentional because I feel that is when the universe wants me to share that particular post or words with others. I allow myself to be led by inspiration so my creative process will be more authentic.
Don’t get me wrong, I do some planning or least give some thoughts to what I want to share with you on a weekly, monthly basis, as a holistic creative strategy/plan. I try to map out content that I wish to share on my blog and social media sites so my brand is more cohesive across platforms. I mostly use my IG and FB accounts as outlets for sharing daily life inspiration + motherhood moments. I love sharing glimpses of my home and my little girl. My blog is my home, a place where I have seriously download so much content over the years on so many different topics.
And speaking of momlife, my little girl keeps me very busy and this weekend was no different. Here’s a snapshot of our of weekend:
Friday: we went to a late showing of the new movie, The Secret Life of Pets. It was amazing and she loved it. She actually asked to see it again as soon as the credits went up. It was so cute. So gonna have to add that to our list of movies to buy when it comes out on Blu-Ray / DVD.
Saturday: spent our morning at home. she loves to play “house” and “mommy” with her dolls so while she kept busy {Peppa Pig on repeat in the background, mind you}, I literally went ape shit on my kitchen and de-cluttered the countertops. I mean since we moved in to the new house last Christmas, I guess I hadn’t noticed but there was all these things all over the counter—from long stem wine glasses that don’t fit into the cabinets, to a jar of markers and crayons, to matching storage canisters that I have never used in the three years I owned them, and everything else in between—it was just too much of an organized chaos than I could stand. Please let me you have those moments where you just have to put things in drawers and cabinets instead of having them displayed all over the counter. {I donated those canisters to Goodwill, BTW.}
Later that afternoon we went to IKEA. Need I say more…I mean, we spent hours in that store! I was (still am) looking for an entryway table, coffee table for the formal dining room, and some other accessories for my office and master. I just can’t find anything that I REALLY like. I ended up with a small table for now because I liked it more than what I had there so for now it will have to do. {I’ll share on IG/FB later.} I’m really into minimalistic, Scandinavian-style décor for my mid-century modern so I will not settle until I find the perfect pieces for my house.
She fell asleep in the car on our way home in what was Florida hurricane style torrential down pour. I’m talking the trees were blowing sideways, it was dark, grey, rain was falling way too fast for wipers to keep up.
Sunday: mellow, snuggly Sunday. I started the day with Bikram yoga, which I LOVED! I made this amazing smoothie afterward. And then we made a quick run to the grocery store for some Cheerios. She LOVES cheerios let me tell you! Then it was grillin’ and chillin’ in the backyard when she decided she wanted to splash around in her pool. I don’t blame her it was so HOT out!

Hope you had a great weekend, everyone!


Click around and tell me if there is something specific you like or want to see more of–outfits, momlife, styling, social media, blogging tips / ideas, more of my creative process, anything, I would love to hear your feedback!



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