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When Adore Me reached out to me asking to participate in their #sexysummerylingerie series, I was excited and couldn’t wait to round up a few of my favorite things. I wanted to tell a visual story of some of my favorite items to help me get ready for date night, which includes this gorgeous coral bra.
A solid foundation is critical in almost everything we do—from our daily lives to our work lives to our social lives, and our personal hygiene and beauty practices. One of my favorite things to do when I’m getting ready for a date is to pick out my lingerie first and this sets the tone for my outfit and ultimately my self-confidence. Wearing a well-designed bra + panties underneath my dress gives me the support I need to truly feel like myself throughout the night.
Adore Me is all about sexy lingerie, teddies, sheer underwear, garters and so much more. My current faves are Deleanor Unlined, Adaleen Unlined, Netta Contour, and Blossom Unlined. So whether you’re going on a date or girls night out or just running errands in your favorite summer sun dress or jeans + tee, any one of Adore Me pieces would make a great foundation for your summer wardrobe (and let’s face it all year round!).
What is your favorite piece of lingerie? Would also love to know how you get ready for date nights or special night out! Share in the comment box below.

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    August 24, 2016 11:15 am

    Hubs and I need to get back to date nights. We have a 2-year-old and a newborn so our “date nights” are spent literally sleeping. I always feel ready to conquer the world when I’m put together from head to toe and everything in between is matching! Love this!

    always creating™ blog
    August 24, 2016 11:30 am

    Oh my gosh, congratulations, Meg!!! A newborn is so exciting!!! I totally get it…it was hard to get into the swing of dating but it’s important to make each other a priority and just do something w/o the babies at least once a month, if you can / have the support!! Thanks so much for stopping by, congrats again! Xx

    August 24, 2016 11:21 am

    So pretty! I worked at VIctoria’s Secret in college, so I’ve mostly worn their products out of habit. The more I read other blogs, the more I feel the need to branch out! That bra is adorable, and I love the color of the lace!
    Date nights for me are pretty low key lately! I look over and ask my husband if he wants to go get ice cream, then we leave! 😉
    Typically for a special night out I like to shower, put on something pretty, and spend a little extra time on my hair and makeup.

    always creating™ blog
    August 24, 2016 11:34 am

    Lol, thanks for the laugh–love that “I look over and ask my husband if he wants to go get ice cream, then we leave!?”… I have been dating my bf for a while now and it’s mostly planned sometimes because I need to get my sitter scheduled. I am sure when we get married, it will be like what you guys do! Lol, sometimes though our date night is a family night out so I’m lucky to have a man who doesn’t mind going to MCD for date! Thanks so much for stopping by! Xo

    August 24, 2016 1:07 pm

    Finding gorgeous lingerie definitely makes me feel sexy even if it’s all covered and under my clothes. I love how cute their is and they look like they will make a gal feel so pretty!!
    Danielle | <3

    always creating™ blog
    August 24, 2016 3:14 pm

    Agreed, sexy lingerie makes you feel good with or without clothes! Xx

    August 24, 2016 10:36 pm

    I love Adore Me! Such cute, sexy and affordable stuff! LOVE!

    August 24, 2016 11:31 pm

    Beautifully styled and captured! Loveit all!

    always creating™ blog
    August 25, 2016 4:17 am

    Thanks so much love! Xo

    August 29, 2016 12:44 pm

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