Journal Entry | 001

My favorite color is white. What us yours?

I have been a little quiet on my Insta mostly because I honestly have nothing to share that would be useful or important. This past decade I’ve published on IG intentionally at times and at other times, haphazardly, because I want to share on a “schedule” or obligated by some campaign.

This new year / decade, I’m changing all of that shit; I’m posting when I have something useful/important to share; or better yet, when I’m inspired to share.

Normally in the winter all I wear are dark colors but this winter all I’ve been wearing is white. At least I’m consistent with the all white look!

I’ve worn this dress like every for the past five says, no lie, it’s uber comfy! It’s my last weekend of my two weeks vacation so I’m taking my time to relax because this year is going to be crazy!

No crazy resolution this year just want to work my way back to being a pescatarian and making a commitment to myself to get my mind/body ready for 40.

I don’t know that my body could ever go back to a size 00, but I know I can get it stronger and healthier, and honestly, that’s all that truly matters to me right now.

This weekend I’m going through all my emails and essentially getting my mind ready to dive back into work full time, running three different businesses, my Little A goes back to school and it’s literally back to chaos and busyness. I have a couple of photo shoots that I need to design and source props for, plus wedding season starts back up again for me in March. So I literally only have January and February to get shit done! I’m ready, I’m ready to start creating again.

How are you ladies getting ready to take on 2020? What are some of your goals for the new year?

Glory Barbaris, Founder + Creative Director


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