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Hey, friends—

How are you guys doing? I’ve been one crazy busy bee but you all already know that by now, lol. It’s kinda my thing so let’s just go with it! A couple of days ago, I was on Insta Live and we were talking about everything from blogging, fashion, shopping, wine, while drinking wine lol… it was such a fun + inspiring chat. Thanks to my lovely UK fans for always being so supportive, you guys serious make doing this so fun!

One of the feedback that I got from the chat was that I need to share more of my personal life here on the blog and to share more often, so going forward, I’m pledging to post 2-3 times per week even if it’s just a short post. I mean I’d always felt that I was neglecting the blog because of my past experience with trolls who literally came here to get personal details on my life for their selfish gains; however, I refuse to let that keep me away from sharing with my readers what I want because you know what, THIS IS MY BLOG, my PERSONAL journal of sorts to share things that inspire me and that I LOVE and if anyone has a problem with that, well they can suck it or just go away! I’m only looking for positive vibes and no drama!

Sigh, yea, that felt really good to say! So let’s move on, lol….

So now that I’ve pledged to be a better blogger friend let me introduce myself and then quickly give you an update on what’s happening in my life as of late.

My name is Glor, I’m a mommy, I love doing girly things like shopping, getting my nails done, having a glass of wine and girl chat with my girlfriends; I love brunch and can’t shut my brain off so I’m Always Creating something. Speaking of creating, I am now the new founder and creative director of a creative firm called, Always Creating Studio ( I’m newly engaged and happily in love, raising my five-year-old co-parenting with her dad. Yes, I’m a co-parent and it’s wonderful! I have been co-parenting for the past five years and though it hasn’t always been smooth sailing all the way, it’s been really awesome… see more of  the other things I love.

Life update –

Life has been busy and even though I have been up late into the wee hours of the morning I have loved every single busy moment of it. I just launched my new website for my LLC and I have poured in so much sweat and tears literally, including staying up late, not eating and lived on wine and tequila on most nights. Ha-ha

Other than working on Always Creating Studio, I’ve been making progress with wedding planning and everything seems to be coming along great. I found a dress (YAY!), booked our photographer (she’s AH-mazing you guys, like, YAY!), and the ceremony location is booked (Yay!) … I only have a few key things to book then I will start to feel good about everything. I have a date for our engagement shoot and have a couple of dress options, so of course, I will share with you as I get all the details together.

Anyway, this is all I have time for and I hope you all have a wonderful day… and weekend! Happy Friday, what’s going on with you this weekend?

About the look: love (LOVE) this H&M fine-knit sweater with ruffles. It was the only thing I liked at the H&M store when I went in last month. The velvet leggings is from H&M too. Alive + Olivia leopard print bag + booties are from Nordstrom Rack, and my sunnies are Karen Walker. My custom canvas bag is via Apolis ( The green coat was thrifted via my local Goodwill Stores.

xo, Glor




Glory Barbaris, Founder + Creative Director


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    Her Lost Mango
    March 14, 2017 6:32 pm

    OH! Love this post girl! I just followed you too! Would love to be blogger friends with you! I’m Chy from Her Lost Mango! Nice to meet you! I post about fashion, travel and lifestyle. Some of my Europe trip is up now! I just posted too my favorite fashion pieces and you can shop them too! Hope to hear from you! XOXO lovelots! – Chy

    always creating™ blog
    March 15, 2017 7:54 am

    Hi Why, thanks so much for the love ❤❤
    I will definitely check out your blog and follow! Always nice to meet a fellow blogger babe! Xo Glor❤

    Her Lost Mango
    March 16, 2017 3:28 am

    Aw! Thank you! I blog every day. Paris, Lodon, Italy .. etc Travel post would be up soon too! Hope to hear from you! XOXO

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