Life Update, Outlook on 2017 & #TeamAlwaysCreatingBlog

Hello and happy February friends!

I don’t know about you but I’m still so excited for 2017 and I know that January was full of organization and resolute to weight loss for some, but I decided that I wasn’t doing any of that this year. Instead I have been focused on intentional living and I am so grateful for my little family and life in general now more than ever before.

New Year, New Business

Last year was such a fun year for Always Creating Blog in terms of blogging, collaborations with fellow bloggers and creatives, and collaboration with brands through several sponsored posts. I am forever grateful for the opportunities to connect and work with others to bring you a variety of content and opportunities.

With that said, during my ongoing collaborations and work with fellow creatives, I have been secretly working on something new and very exciting. It is a project that is close to my heart that I am excited to share with you soon… Just know that after a year and a half of research, planning, and most importantly, creating, I will be creating something new that will allow me to continue to pursue my endless pursuit of creativity and happy. It will really be for brands, small businesses, creatives, and bloggers.

Quote: do what you love

I would love for you to be the first to know more about the news when it goes live, so sign-up now for exclusive updates and news! My email list will be super exclusive and selective and my upcoming service and product offering will be geared towards a target group of clients.

#TeamAlwaysCreatingBlog Gets a New Editor–Alisa Luby!

#teamalwayscreatingblog - alisa lubySpeaking of growth in the new year, I am so excited to share that I’ve added an editorial editor to team Always Creating Blog! {I feel like I need a drum roll}…. so please help me welcome Alisa Luby! She’s been working behind the scenes to get our enterprise setup. She has been such a great help and I am super excited to have her on #TeamAlwaysCreatingBlog! Read more about Alisa, Read more about our new editorial editor, Alisa Luby and help welcome her!

Long term for ACBlog we have a ton of exciting things happening behind the scenes that we’re hoping you’ll love. For instance, we want to collaborate more with brands and bloggers, especially bloggers who wish to become regular contributors. We want to provide you with even more useful content from inspiration to fashion, to lifestyle, travel, all with the goal of contributing to your pursuit of happy!

Another thing we’re going to focus more on here on the blog will be educational content. I mean as much as I’d like to talk about my life or things that I’m passionate about, I’d love to provide tangible resources to help you pursue your endless pursuit of creativity and happy—whatever that may be for you. To do that I will need your help: I need you to tell me what you want to see here on the blog, so use the comment box to submit your requests/questions. You can also send me a direct message on Instagram!



And finally for the biggest and most exciting news of all (most of you already know this if you follow me on Instagram). I’m ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, I’m getting married and let me tell you the excitement is palpable at least in our home. I held on to the news for a long time because I wanted to enjoy the moment privately with just family and close friends. But now all I can think about these days is wedding-wedding-wedding! The planning is exhausting and stressful and fun…mostly fun! The list of to-dos keeps getting longer and longer and longer… and I’m a living, breathing wedding planning machine. Would you like to see wedding-related content and wedding inspiration posts, including my wedding dress shopping, choosing a location, flowers, and cake tasting, etc? Let me know if the comments!

Until next post, have a great week! // Happy February!

xo, Glor

Glory Barbaris, Founder + Creative Director


wedding inspiration and BTS content

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    February 2, 2017 2:24 pm

    Wow, you are smashing it in 2017 and we’re only one month in! I’m so excited to hear more about your big plans…dont keep us waiting too long!! ❤️

    always creating™ blog
    February 2, 2017 2:31 pm

    Aww, thanks so much my love! I will not…soon you will know!!! xoxo ❤️❤️❤️

    February 15, 2017 1:15 am

    So excited for you Glor! What a fabu;ous year 2017 is going to be for you. Looking forward to seeing all that you do. i am a fan xoxox

    always creating™ blog
    February 15, 2017 3:29 pm

    Thank you so much babes! I’m excited to feel so many happy feelings / emotions… and I’m even more excited for Little A!

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