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It’s been some time since my engagement and I’m literally knee-deep in planning for our big day. I’ve started to curate my wedding inspiration board to help me create a cohesive look and feel for the big day from color palettes to patterns, to bridal party colors, and set the tone for the vibe in general.


The wedding date is set. It will happen during my favorite time of year. It’s time now to start thinking, dreaming, and talking about all things wedding! Naturally, I’m gravitating towards soft hues, simple elegance, and casual-chic bohemian vibes.

The past couple of weeks has been so busy for me which I know sounds like a cliché at this point because I am always busy, but even more so now that I’ve added wedding planning to my long list of to-dos. But being a girly girly + the excitement of getting married makes it all fun and easy to manage.


To be honest: I’ve not thought that much about the color scheme and all the fun details like flowers and wedding decor because right now I’m focused on logistics such as wedding location, timeline, travel for family members, invitations (when to send them out), guest list, and most importantly, the wedding budget. I did not know there was so much to do when it came to getting married. We may or may not have considered saying no to the pomp and yes to taking a month’s long honeymoon instead, lol!

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But that’s no fun as you can imagine, lol, I meaaann… we’re planning a party for crying out loud so I have to indulge in the fun! It’s seriously the only thing that’s kept me from just losing it sometimes because my brain is overloaded with details and I’m afraid that, that’s where they’ll stay if I don’t let them out. So to help ease my stress I’m creating a wedding inspiration mood board the old fashion way. I have started to collected magazine pages with looks and styles of dresses that I love; hairstyles, color scheme, decor, etc. from the pages of Brides, Bridal Guide, The Knot, and Martha Stewart Weddings. These are some of the pages that are feeding my excitement right now…

blogger_engagement_flatlay (1)



Now, I know that there are free online inspiration board makers, tools, and apps like Pinterest and believe me I’m pinning like crazy, lol, but I have also purchased several bridal magazines so I can read / peruse for inspiration while on the metro or leisurely at home on the weekend.

Creating a wedding inspiration board is such a great idea and a fun way to collect ideas and inspiration for things like stationery, floral arrangements, wedding fashions and overall style of a wedding. And to be honest if I don’t end up with all of the curated ideas from my bridal inspiration board, I will be okay with that. The main idea is that I have something I can pin up on my wall, share with our photographer, florists, coordinator, caterers, etc.

This is just the start of what it looks like now…I can’t wait to see what the board looks like say three months from now, …six months, or even after the weeding. It’s going to be interesting to be able to look back and see where it all started. I have a huge Pinterest board with more than 100 images and I can’t wait to share that board with you guys soon, so stay tuned!

Did you plan your wedding? Are you planning your wedding If you did / are planning your big day, did you / will you have a wedding inspiration board? Do you have like 20 secret boards on Pinterest? Any advice?

xo, Glor


Glory Barbaris, Founder + Creative Director


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