Day Trip to Middleburg, Virginia, Summer Sidewalk Sale + Antique Shopping

If I were to live in a retirement community and my husband and I were going antiquing this is the outfit I’d wear, lol, don’t ask me whyyyy but that’s was my inspiration for #todayslook 😂😂 had a fun day date w/my Mr 💕

Read on for a look into my day //📍Middleburg, Virginia

🍔🍟 We had delicious sandwiches at Middleburg Deli (I recommend the corned beef)
🎁🚦then we participated in the 13th annual sidewalk sale where I bought a vintage China collection, vintage post cards (new obsession), and a vintage wool hat from the 50s (made in the 🇺🇸)
💛 we ended our day in old town Aldie where I shopped for more antiques and vintage pieces to add to my collection.

💛💛 overall a beautiful day out exploring one of my favorite towns… ✨so tell me, where should I go/see/do/shop/eat next? I’d love to try out new local businesses 🌿 how was your Saturday?!

⚡ p.s., my work over @alwayscreatingstudio was published this morning, which I’m so proud of…

⚡p.p.s., lots of photos + vids from today in my Stories! ✨💕


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