Beautiful Interior Design Trend: Make a Splash With Tropical Inspired Decor

TGIF, ACB readers! Happy Friday! I am so excited that we have made it to the end of a very busy week! Today’s blog post is by a new Always Creating Blog contributing blogger, Chloe Taylor. Chloe is an art historian and a young blogger. My fields of expertise include interior design, home decor, architecture and other art related topics.

Good news, interior design lovers: the exotic look is here to spice up the home ambiance with laid-back natural touches and introduce a fresh sea breeze into your living area! Transplanting a exotic landscapes to your interiors is easy: all you need to do to tropify your space is grab a few suave extras and scatter them around following these simple tips, and you’ll soon be waking up in the lap of a tropical paradise. Let’s take a quick look at quick fixes that will transform your home-sweet-home into an image off magazine covers, shall we?

1. Make exotic wood work for you
Wicker, rattan, teak, bamboo, and mahogany all fit the tropical décor formula like a glove. If you want to introduce a summertime vibe in your living area, get a few furniture pieces crafted from the exotic wood types and plop them in your living room.

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Wicker and bamboo are also on-trend in the outdoor furniture world this year, which only adds to their functional versatility: you can take them out into the garden and spice up the area al fresco if you wish so.  And in case you grow tired of natural wood shades, you can dress the tropical furnishings with a paint coat in a bright hue and add a whiff of color to your interiors.
2. A touch of green goes a long way

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Tropical plants such as palms, philodendrons, bromeliads, monstera deliciosa, and anthuriums will infuse your home with a vacationing mood and keep the air in your home fresh and smelling of exotic islands. To max out on the summertime ambiance, opt for large-leaved indoor plants in oversized elegant planters and add them to the vacant corners of your home, starting from the hallway. For a fun décor twist, you can also place tropical greenery in your bathroom or kitchen and enjoy a beach-like view without leaving home.
3. Sea grass, nets, and coarse fabrics
Nothing speaks tropical décor louder than fishing nets and area rugs crafted from sea grass and coarse natural textiles. Striped rugs in summer-style color combinations such as white and navy blue, orange, or even pastels will tropify the living area and infuse it with casual beach vibes.

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Sea grass mats, on the other hand, will make a chic entryway detail to welcome the guests to your private exotic retreat. You can also hang a few fishing nets across a blank wall to spice up the ambiance and bring seaside scenery into your home.
4. A striped wallscape for ocean dreams

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Lattice prints, framed leaves, and exotic botanical wallpapers are on-trend in interior design this season, and they fare well in tropical-styled interiors. Wall art structured around framed palm leaves, monstera wallpapers, and graphic art displaying sandy stretches extending out into the ocean will amp the home appeal and inspire daydreams about exotic destinations and long summer days in palm shade.

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You can also make use of trending pastels: striped wallpapers with tone-on-tone or two-tone design will enrich your home with a visual breeze and help bring out the best features of your tropical greenery.
5. Buckle up for a safari ride indoors
Textiles showcasing zebra stripes and similar animal prints dancing across upholstery and bare wooden floors will take you for a thrilling safari ride right there in your living room. For a touch of wild tropical fun, dress your floorboards with a faux animal hide, or display wildlife-themed tapestry on the accent wall in your living room. Black-and-white and navy prints go nicely with pastels and bright hues, and you can use their stylistic versatility to amp the holiday mood at home.
6. A trip to the beach on the premises

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Floral curtains and bamboo blinds won’t just keep light intensity in check: they will also render a charming bungalow-y feel to your interiors. For best aesthetic effects, pick shades in natural or light hues, or adorn your windows with gauzy curtains in a pastel tone such as baby blue, muted orange, or beige. If your interiors could use a bit more artificial light, get some shell or bamboo lamp shades and add them to dull corners of the room. That way, you’ll get to spend evenings in a setting evocative of tropical landscapes and beach huts.
In summertime, living is easy, and there’s no reason to spend your spare time in a gloomy home. With just a few carefully picked decorative touches, you can make a topical splash in your space and keep the beach mood on even after the holiday’s over. Good luck!
Thank you Chloe for sharing these amazing tips! Looking forward to more amazing posts from you.

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