Glory Barbaris is the owner and creative entrepreneur behind Wildflower Hill Co. Before starting her event planning business in 2016, she worked in the IT industry as a senior technical product manager / business analyst.

After planning her own wedding in 2017, which was later published on multiple wedding blogs including social media, she saw an opportunity to design weddings for local planners, while working as a full time social media influencer, product manager / business analyst, and product stylist.

Pairing her love for styling, design, and photography she launched her then event company Always Creating Studio Weddings & Events in 2016 (rebranded in 2021 to its current name, Wildflower Hill Co.)

With three years background in the hospitality industry and five years planning and coordinating corporate conferences and events, she brings her strong organizational skills stemming from a background in project management, marketing and in the communication offices at the Department of Energy.

Glory is the visionary for our company and runs the day to day operations, marketing, and social media platforms in addition to directing the creative side of the business, overseeing every last detail that create the look and feel of our events.

As an experienced floral designer and event planner, Glory combined these skills to launch the company in 2016 as a creative studio specializing in styling and creative direction for creatives and brands like CROCs, Hello Fresh, CB2, Neutrogena, Target and more. She loves finding inspiration in nature, architecture, interior design, collected vintage pieces, and travel.

As a Social Media Influencer and product stylist, she works with brands to create targeted social media content for targeted audiences. She has worked with brands such as Live Casino, Refinery 29, CB2, Kellogg’s, Neutrogena, Target, CROCS, L’Oréal, Hidden Valley, Kraft Foods, Amazon, Dove, Evian, Hello Fresh, Apothic Wines, and more.

a personal note…

Hi, I’m Glory, but my friends call me Glor (so can you!). I grew up second oldest of four kids in an upper middle-class family in a small village outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But my story really started in the land I was born in and where I lived for the first 16 years of my life, Nigeria, West Africa. I grew up with a lot of cousins, my parents were successful enough to send us to boarding school, but it is my summers with my beloved grandparents that weaved the fabric of my heart and soul. They were always so incredibly kind to one another; I remember when my grandma would do something that should have really made my grandpa angry, he always was so kind to her and never raised his voice or anything like that. I knew I wanted that kind of love, but I didn’t grow up fantasizing about it, I just knew I wanted a man like my grandpa. Which is fitting because at 37-years-old, I married a man just like my grandpa—kind, patient, loving—a great husband and father.

You’re here because you have met the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, major congrats to you and your love! This is going to be one of the most exciting chapter of your life! Till this day, I remember the joy and excitement I felt when I was planning my nuptials in literally six months. I imagine you might be feeling those feelings too, but you’re a bit overwhelmed with all the decisions that you have to make along the way and all the money it will cost to make your dream wedding a reality.

Well, I don’t want you to feel that way at all!

Which is exactly the reason why I started my company: to help you, support you, provide you with expert guidance and resources so that you can worry less about all of the planning details. My dream is to run my business with heart and kindness, I hope we get to work together. My goal is to help you plan the party of a lifetime. And all you have to tell me is what you love…what you like… what you need… what you don’t like. It’s that easy. And guess what? From the moment you sign with me up until your send off, I will be there cheering you on every step of the way.

Thank you for considering me as your planner, I take a personal responsibility in such an important role.

Again, congratulations!