15 Date Night Ideas to Try With Your Partner Today

Bored at home? Not anymore, I’ve compiled the following list of date night ideas to keep you two busy. Have fun!

  1. Write love letters to each other then read them in funny accents

  2. Watch each other’s favorite childhood movie

  3. Bartender night. Take turns making new drinks for one another

  4. Play 20 questions

  5. Batter up night. Go to the batting cages

  6. Make a playlist of your favorite dance tunes and dance the night away

  7. Put on your cutest pjs and order a pizza for dinner

  8. Take a cooking class

  9. Take a salsa class together

  10. Find a map and locate every place you want to go together

  11. Draw sketches of each other

  12. Start a photo album that holds your favorite little moments

  13. Living room picnic

  14. Go to your favorite bookstore and sit together and read a book

  15. Return to the site of your first date


Glory Barbaris, Founder + Creative Director


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